CCTV Sewer Surveying

The new CCTV Sewer Surveyor Course is currently under development, this new certification will replace the current OS19X. This new course will not be available until early 2015 but will include the following:

Test standardised

  1. Multiple choice questions selection of 30 questions from a sample of 90
  2. Image based defect coding of 30 images from a sample of 90
  3. CCTV footage coding – 3 clips from a sample of 10 clips, approximately 90m in total length including 1 pan & tilt clip.
  4. Additional modules with tests for Brick and Rehabilitation, plus less formal tests for MHs, Infiltration, corrosion (H2S/metal) etc.

Ownership this new CCTV Sewer Certification course will be retained by Water UK and only licensed training providers will be permitted to deliver this course. The new CCTV Drain Surveyor Course has been ready as of 15th March 2014 and applicants can book now by e-mail or by phone 07531 239 372 or see the link below:
Drain Survey Training