Drain Excavation and Repair

Course Specification

Introduction To Drainage Excavation & Repair Procedures are one of the many specialist services drainage contractors and other parties, throughout the UK, offer to their clients.

The NADC is now able to offer, a One Day classroom based Procedural Awareness Training Course which covers the best practical & safe procedures to adopt when carrying out excavation / repair  works prior to, & during, any works whereby defects in pipework have been identified & subsequently require a repair.

The course is certified by NADC & endorsed by EUSR (Energy & Utilities Skills Register) as fit for purpose.

All candidates who successfully pass the final exam consisting of (20 multiple choice questions) will be placed on the EUSR (Skills Register) whereupon they will be issued with an EU skills personal ID card.

Due to the Health & safety content, the issued card is valid for a three (3) year period.  

The course covers:

  • Identification of defects using CCTV equipment
  • Drain Ownership
  • Various types of repair
  • Building Regulations Part H
  • Drainage Law
  • The need for continuous scanning
  • Safe methods of excavation
  • Selection of materials to be used
  • Health and Safety principles include the following requirements:
  1. Moral reasons
  2. Legal reasons
  3. Financial reasons

All of the above are required to be proven to ensure candidates understand the legal implications of improper selection or best practices being adopted