Customer Service Excellence

The NADC has been working with DRBi Ltd to provide a 1-day customer service course that can really take your service to the next level. Put together and refined over 20 years, this course includes all the top tips from the top companies with proven results. This is not your everyday customer service course, it’s much more interesting and interactive. You will learn the psychology behind great outcomes and learn a lot about yourself in the process.

The course objective is for the delegates to leave with more confidence and new skills to deal with customers face to face and on the phone, so it’s useful for both field and office staff. The course will give the delegates a chance to improve how they communicate with customers and in turn open up better opportunities to upsell and prevent any complaints or dissatisfaction. This is a must for all employees and managers that deal with customers and we believe it should be revisited every 3 years to ensure the skills are mastered.

All the material is related to the drainage and plumbing industry and real-life industry stories and examples are used.

The benefits to you and your business are obvious. Happier customers, happier staff, more potential revenue from upselling and less chances for things to go wrong. By attending this course, you will have the edge on your competitors who haven’t and it is a fun and engaging day.

Course Content

  1. Introduction: Why improve our customer service? What are the benefits to me? Course Materials.
  2. Group Review: What do your customers look for? What feedback are you receiving at the moment? Are you easy to deal with? What causes your customers problems? In this module we will learn how to assess, monitor and plan to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Behavioural Recognition: In this module you will learn how to recognise the 4 main behavioural attributes of customers, we will talk and learn about our own styles and how we can match the customer for maximum rapport and effect.
  4. Behavioural traits and preferences: We will discover how different customer traits and perceptions can clash and learn how to adapt our own style to diffuse challenging situations. An interactive session as a group that will get everyone talking!
  5. Word Power: A really interesting session exploring ‘above the line’ language. The aim here is to create a positive environment for our customers based on the words we use. There is some clever psychology that can really help you to be one step ahead.
  6. Rapport and Body Language: In this session we will explore the importance of building a rapport with your customer and how it can lead to loyalty, extra sales and prevent complaints.
  7. Task vs Spirit, Giving best advice Ending on a high note: If a job is worth doing, you might as well enjoy it! Some top tips for making a great impression and ensuring that you leave with a 5-star review.
  8. Summary & Actions: A recap of the day with discussion and questions. Before we leave we will commit to doing some things differently and review our learning outcomes.

The course is fully endorsed by the NADC and includes certification and course material. Courses can be booked via the DRBi Website for a cost of £199 +VAT per person which includes a 20% discount for NADC Members.

We can offer discounted rates for group bookings. If you want us to come to you and deliver the course to more people, give us a call and we will offer you a bespoke quote.

For any queries or further information please contact Dave Rambridge at DRBi Ltd by phone on 020 8152 9875 by email at or via the website