CCTV Drain Surveying Training

The Certified Drain Surveyor (CDS) Course was written by the Water Research Centre (WRc) in conjunction with the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) and the Environment Agency (EA). The course includes the latest information from the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC5) and the Drainage Repair Book (DRB4). The CDS is certified by EU Skills and delivered by EU Skills approved trainers.

Certified Drain Surveyor training is more than just understanding drainage code definitions, it is aimed at providing an all-round appreciation of what drainage investigation means. We cover design, ownership, drainage law and remedial recommendations as well as drainage condition classification via CCTV (which is just one aspect of drainage investigation).

This course is designed to ensure that drainage surveyors carrying out CCTV surveys on domestic and light commercial drainage systems are working to the correct procedures and using the appropriate codes. CDS certification is recognised by water companies, local authorities, housing associations, surveyors and facility management companies amongst many.

The NADC have been working with the Environment Agency with regard to misconnections. The EA have consulted us on various aspects of detection misconnections and this has now been included as a separate module in this new course.

This makes our certification the first of its kind in the UK, because in addition to identifying faults within drainage systems, surveyors will also be trained and certified in all drainage investigation techniques as well as the identification and reporting of misconnections.

The course is run from training facilities in London, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow, ensuring that the vast majority of contractors will have easy access to the training they require. We fully expect CCTV drain surveys to be in much greater demand in the coming months but this will only apply to certified drainage surveyors.

Those of you who will be taking this course will need a copy of Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition , this can be obtained from WRc Bookshop online:–MSCC–DUS043X.html

The course content includes the following:

  • Drain ownership and sewerage law;
  • Domestic drain design
  • Drain misconnections
  • Drain Components & Design;
  • Drain investigation best practice;
  • Domestic drainage classification coding;
  • Condition grading and the need for drain repair;
  • Selection and specification of the correct drain repair technique.

Training centres are now open in:

London & South East
Martin Beattie
07531 239 372

Matthew Duffy
Scotland Training Centre

Bridgwater / Ystradowen / Plymouth (The South West)
Raymond Smith

Manchester, N.Wales & Midlands
Simon Goddard

Dublin, Ireland
General Enquiries:
Tel: +353 (0)1 4635000

Those of you surveying public sewers on behalf of Water Companies or the Highways England may find your tender documentation requires a training course aimed at CCTV condition classification only (OS19X), you will require the full 5-day certification course run by Develop Training and Wincan. This is very dependent on the type of surveying being carried out and the training specification recommended. For the purposes of removing confusion, the British Standard is covered by the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification, 5th edition, (MSCC5). Although there are a number of reporting applications that work to this standard, some clients prefer that operatives present proof of competency in the form of training provided by Develop using Wincan software. The proprietary pipe condition training course is referred to as OS19X. For further information please see the following link:    Prices from £1,250.00 (+£30.00 certification) +vat  – 5 Days

All other drainage surveys outside these domains, generally all private drains, are covered by the current CDS course.